Site Revamp!

Finally. A site revamp.

As the year marches onwards with more content coming through, I realized it's finally time to scale my platform to support different types of content. I've been bouncing between many approaches to the redesign. The old used a raw HTML/CSS template I took from (which by the way is an amazing site to bootstrap web templates). I originally had this as a temporary solution until I figured out what platform I wanted to ultimately have on. Every time I wanted to upload a new blog, I needed to literally code a new site. Very inefficient and time consuming but I didn't have time to code from scratch a angular/react like site and I really liked the design that I was using.

But 2 years pass by and now I decided to choose something.

The different platform choices ultimately came down to these questions:

How easily can I scale?
How easily can I upload?
How easily can I edit?
How easily can I -

So it came down to 3 options:

Ember.js with Django Rest Framework on a mysql db.

Out of those three, Medium looked the best. I should have probably chosen medium now that I look back. But I wanted room for flexibility and make more customizable.

I looked into creating my own site but decided that it was way too time consuming to maintain a custom build. Screw that.

The idea of wordpress sounded really awesome. But the templates I wanted were expensive and as a financially struggling recent grad neck deep in loans, I really don't want to pay for something I don't have to when there are free options out there. 

The only site I like that's built on wordpress is, anyway. Quartz is probably my favorite site with really good sleek UI. UX could be improved marginally.

Then, I randomly came across, learned how to to use it in a matter of minutes, found a template I really liked, so I chose that.

It's going to be a work in progress where I play around with different things to see what I'm most comfortable with but I will keep posting weekly blogs =]

ADs. Advertisements.

I have NOT put ads on yet and I'm still debating whether I should do so. BUT if I do, let's see how these do. I'm not expecting really any net profit out of this but it would be nice to see some return on my work to break even for:

Cloud Subscriptions
Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription
All the coffee I drink at coffee shops while I'm working on this
Metrocards ($2.75 per ride and it's at least twice a day in NYC!)

What's next for

As I'm still experimenting with this passion side hobby, I'm going to see what's the best schedule for me. However, this is what I'm expecting in the next couple of weeks:

- Weekly interviews every Tuesday at 7PM EST
- Weekly 30-minute podcasts every Sunday at 9PM EST
- Bi-weekly Youtube videos on Thursday at 8PM EST

Let's see how consistent and dedicated I can be to my side hobby. Who knows what will come out of it?

Let's get ready for chapter 2 of =] Site Revamp! Site Revamp! Reviewed by Tae Hong Min on 5:51 PM Rating: 5

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