Chapter 1 + Anchor = PODCAST!!!

Podcasts Podcasts and even more podcasts!

There's no doubt about it that podcasting is the NEW thing. In fact compared to only just 2-3 years ago, the podcast community seems pretty packed. But I think this is just the beginning. People are starting to realize that people want to listen to other people's raw and genuine emotions and opinions on certain topics and issues - even for the common folk like me. It's true that a large chunk of the top charted podcasts already had a fanbase prior whether it was from the acting industry, youtube, corporate.

But I'm not looking to create Chapter 1 with the sole purpose of making money. Sure, money would be nice. I have google ads on this site...that will generate me pennies every couple of months. To me, podcasting is an outlet to express my thoughts. Podcasting is an outlet for others to be able to learn something and apply it to their own lives. At least, that's what I listen podcasts for. Majority of my podcasts that I listen to are interviews where the guest talk about themselves and their journey towards their current state of living whether it's success or in the middle of their journey.

Through podcasts, I learned about many things I would have never heard about or been interested in before. On the extreme side, it helped me make a decision that I've been contemplating with the past 3 years.

What is the podcast going to be about?!

I want it to keep the central theme of the blogs that I've been posting where I focus on the journey and goals of those who are millennials and younger. So somewhat like Y Combinator/Reid Hoffman's podcast. But also less serious. Aside from the journey and success - I want to talk about their hobbies. What they do for stress relief. Do they watch a sport? Do they play video games? Do they cook or exercise? I want to talk about that. Have it become more of a conversation than a strictly question based interview.

Anyways, stay tuned. I'll release the schedule and links soon.

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